public tutorial

Get your individual version!

Set the chances to get more money!

What is better about the unpublic version?
  • The public version has a chance of 1% to do big bets with 80% balance, with the unpublic version
    you can set the value of big bets yourself, as well as how often they occur.
  • You can also do big bets by pressing a hotkey, if you like to actively play.
How much can I earn with the unpublic version?
  • Its based on your balance + how much % you use for big bets. On 80% you will get 50% of your balance in a matter of 2-3 minutes.
What does it cost?
    Price had to be increased to something more reasonable.
  • 1 license   0.0666 btc
How to buy?
  • Just shoot an email to
  • You will have your individual version 10 minutes after buying.
Where to get the latest public version?